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Customs Broker License Exam Courses and Education.
American Customs Association is an independent public intergovernmental organization providing services to the trade.  

American Customs Association

Customs Broker License Examination Course
April 2021 Course - Available Monday Oct 5, 2020

Our Customs Broker License Exam Course

Includes CFR 19 / Customs Regulations

Customs Broker Exam Course - 23 Lesson on Streaming Video and DVD back up.  We bring the classroom to you.  Proven results to realistically pass the Exam.  Study at your own paceUnlimited use of a live Help Desk. This course is for the April 2021 Custom Broker Exam.

Our Custom Broker License Course is the most comprehensive Customs Broker License course in the nation, and we guarantee it

Enjoy the benefits of learning at your own pace and without having to commute to a classroom. Study 24/7 with live support. Topics are covered with clear, concise and easy to follow lectures view Sample

Our Customs Broker License Course includes The U.S. Customs Regulations, Directives and all reference material required to prepare for the Customs Broker Exam.  Lectures streaming 24/7 and live Help Desk.

In addition to the Customs Regulations, students also receive previous exams, study guides, reference library, interactive quizzes, Members Only access and unlimited use of a live Help Desk.  Be sure to visit our FAQ

American Customs is more than a prep course, but a complete Customs Broker educational program with legitimate academic standards to teach the knowledge behind the Regulation - watch a sample lecture now

Customs Broker License Exam Course

Customs Broker License Exam Course

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How to become a Customs Broker - The first step

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Customs Broker Exam Course


Customs Broker License Exam Course.

Customs Broker License Exam Course

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American Customs Association
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April 2021 Exam Course - Opens Monday Oct 5. 2020

New Exam Date - Customs Broker Exam will be on Oct 8, 2020

CBP Changes - USMCA Started July 1, 2020

New Importer? - 4 minute video how it works here

Customs Broker Wanted - Multiple locations available

All Lectures include Streaming Video 24/7 + DVD back up

Customs Broker Exam Course Streaming Lectures

Customd Broker License Exam News Customs Broker License Exam Course