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 Customs Brokers - Get current with the recent changes in law.

Three years of updates - One simple and easy DVD -

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ACA 2010

Custom Broker License Continuing Education

The American Customs Association has taken the leadership to develop the first Customs Broker Continuing Education course in the nation.

It was only natural for us, as the leading provider for Customs Broker Exam preparation, to consolidate updates as the laws changed.

The course was developed sourcing the most recent versions of the Customs Regulations, CFR 19, LISA, The Harmonized Tariff, The Federal Register, Customs Bulletins and Decisions, Treasury Decisions and Customs Directives.

In addition to over twenty regulatory changes, the program also reviews and explains the new ACE system.

The majority of the new duty free programs have different eligibility requirements,including new rules of origin, Tariff Shifts, Adjusted Value computations, Regional Value Content and documentary requirements. We currently highligted ACE Entry Summary Business Process, changes in permit requirements for RLF and Drawback that are E-Filed and Modernized Drawback Part 190.

Three years of updates are condensed into a 90 minute DVD course given in a classroom like setting. Instruction comes from one of the nation’s foremost authorities in law, importing and customs matters.

The Customs Broker Continuing Education Course reviews all the changes in law from one status report to the next. In other words, the current course covers all the changes in the law between 2015 and 2018. The next course is expected to be released in July 2021.

American Customs will keep an electronic record of all licensees who have completed the Customs Broker Continuing Education (CBCE) course for a period of six years and furnish such proof to Customs if CBCE becomes mandated. 

As with any distance learning course, you have the benefits of reviewing the material at your own pace, as often as you like and the material is your to keep.

The American Customs Association guarantees that all the information contained in the course is accurate, current and stands behind an unconditional money back guarantee.

Eligibility – You must be a licensed Customs Broker and a former ACA student to order this course. It is not available to non-licensed individuals. Those interested in obtaining a Customs Broker License should visit our Customs Broker License Course page.