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The Mod Act requires Customs Brokers to provide

accurate information to their clients - It's their

fiduciary responsibility

ACA 2010

Why Customs Broker Continuing Education

Staying abreast of current changes in the law and regulations is not easy.  The fact is that most Customs Brokers are busy with the responsibilities of operating a company.


However, a Customs Broker has a fiduciary responsibility to provide current and accurate information to their clients.

Under the Mod Act, an importer demonstrates Reasonable Care by relying on the advice of a customs expert. Providing inaccurate information to a client can transfer the culpability from the importer to the Customs Broker.

Additionally, importers rely on Customs Brokers for interpretation of regulations, duty free programs, and accurate classification procedures. Simply put - it makes best practice
s to be at the top of your field.

Participation in our Customs Broker Continuing Education Course (CBCE) ensures that the Customs Broker is up to date and has demonstrated, by examination, competent knowledge of the most recent changes.  


The genesis of the program was in early 2006 and based on the frequent comments we received from Customs Brokers regarding the amount of time and resources needed to stay current and the lack of a centralized source of information.   

The Customs Broker Continuing Education Course serves as a single consolidated resource reflecting the changes in Title 19, The Harmonized Tariff, Customs Bulletins and Decisions, LISA,  the Federal Register, Treasury Decisions and Customs Bulletins.

Three years of updates are consolidated into one easy to understand 90 minute Course.
We have just completed TFTEA Drawback and USMCA overview, pending passage in the
House and Senate.

Participation is voluntary.  However, there has been a movement in the trade for continuing education and we openly support any regulatory or legislative initiatives.

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