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Customs Broker Exam Course

Our 2021 Custom Broker License Examination Course allows you to study at your own pace and your schedule.  We bring the classroom to you. American Customs Association

Customs Broker Exam Course - April 2021 Exam

Our Customs Broker License Exam Prep Course

American Customs Broker License Exam Courses

Our Customs Broker License Exam Course includes all the material required for the Customs Broker Exam.   This is a complete course.

We include all reference material, such as the Regulations, Customs Directives, Previous Exams and our own reference material that is permitted inside the exam room.

You can stream the class lectures 24/7 on any device and we include a live Help Desk with unlimited use.

Customs Broker License Exam Course

Customs Broker License Exam Course - Study Material

The Reference Library

In addition to the Customs Regulations students also receive:

Quick Cram Study Guide - A complete review of the course to study immediately before the exam.   Now offered in electronic form.


              ABI User Requirement

              Appendix B – Valid Codes

              Appendix D – Metric Conversion

              Appendix E – Valid Entry Numbers

              Appendix G – Common Errors

              Appendix H – Census Warning Messages

              Appendix L – Drawback Errors

              Glossary of Terms


• Instructions for Preparation of CBP Form 7501

• C-TPAT – Minimum Security Requirements for Customs Brokers

• Submission Changes for Letters and Post Entry Amendments

• Remote Location Filing Eligibility Requirements

• Directives - All

* Please note - the Directives change for each exam cycle.

For more information on reference material see our Curriculum page.

Customs Broker Exam Reference Material

Supplemental Reference Material

and the Customs Regulations

23 Lessons - 24/7

23 Lessons Streaming Video & Hard Copy DVD

Our 23 course lesson plan emulates a college classroom. 

We added more information to reflect the recent changes in the law.

Each Lesson coincides with a Part of the Customs Regulations.

The DVD's are for you to permanently keep; however, you can also stream all the lectures on any platform 24/7.

At the conclusion of each lesson plan, previous exam questions are used as homework and the instructor reviews the answers at the beginning of the following DVD.


Offering both DVD and Streaming

Improved Members Only

More Features - More Information

Our students receive Members Only privileges for one semester. We made it easier to navigate and added more information.

Some of the information on Members Only:



Previous Exam

Customs Forms

Customs Applications

News and Updates

Interactive Quiz by Topic

Members Website

Quick Cram Study Guide

Quick Cram Review

The Quick Cram Study Guide is the optimum preparation tool used immediately before the Exam to check your personal notes.

A complete source of quick reference material.

Easily  find charts on fines, range of penalties, all duty free programs and a complete cross reference to the regulations.

Compare your notes against the instructors outline.

Key focus is on all major areas of the Exam where questions are derived.

Customs Broker Exam Study Guide

Interactive Testing

Take the Challenge

Each Lesson has a homework assignment. 

If a student wants to increase their knowledge base, there is an optional interactive quiz on the same topic.  The quiz consists of the most difficult and most often missed questions from previous Customs Broker Exams on that same topic.  We call it "Take the Challenge"

For example, a student can click "Drawback Entry". The quiz will display the most often missed questions on "Drawback Entry" based on the last four years.

The quiz will ultimately force the student to select the correct answer and when the question is answered correctly, the exact citation in the Customs Regulations will display where the student can retrieve more information.

Students can Take the Challenge on any topic, at any time and as often as they wish.

If further explanation is needed, the student has unlimited access to a live Help Desk.

CHB Interactive Quiz

All Lectures on Steaming Video

Study from any platform - anytime

All students also receive hard copy DVD's to keep for reference.

Students can also stream all 23 lecture series on any platform; including PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone 24 /7.

Access to CFR 19 - Harmonized Tariff - Homework - Previous Exams

Review the information as often as you like with no restrictions.

A great way to set your own schedule and manage your time.

American Customs Class Streaming Video

Clear and Concise Explanation

Includes Live Help Desk

We teach under the assumption the student has no, or very little, transportation experience.  From there we build a logical foundation that will cover 85-90% of what will be on the Customs Broker Exam.

Have a question?  Just pick up the phone and call us for an instant answer. Of course, you can also e-mail the Help Desk.


We make sure you understand 100% of the material and support you with our Help Desk for anything you don't understand on any subject.

Tried other courses and did not pass?

Our Customs Broker Course is ideal for anyone that has tried the exam before but needs a solution that can “fill in the gaps” of what other course providers were unable to do.

We encourage you to watch our Sample to witness first hand how we approach subject matter and the quality of instruction..

You can view an on-line Sample here: Sample

Easy to follow lectures

American Customs Broker Exam Course Tuition


$695 - Includes Customs Regulations & all Directives


Course Curriculum

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