The American Customs Association is an independent intergovernmental organization providing educational opportunities and professional interaction to Customs Brokers . Our organizational structure is divided into two categories: Customs Broker Education and Information to the Trade.

We are now developing the next generation of AI.  Our system will be used for both, training and the automation of the entire entry process.

 After 25 years of Customs Broker Training we have recognized the new opportunity that AI presents to our industry. 

Instructors and staff

Our primary mission is to enhance the uniformity, effectiveness and efficiency of training to the trade. It is also our role to help legitimize training standards on regional, national and local levels.

We interface with representatives from the public and private sector to help facilitate the exchange of information and disseminate information quickly and accurately. Our staff reviews all relevant information from the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, Customs Bulletins and Decisions, Customs Directives and notices in the Federal Register.

Customs Broker Courses

Distance Learning
Classroom Courses

Information to the Trade

Federal Liaison
Legislative Updates

We have produced more Licensed Customs Brokers than any other school in the nation – Period. With a primary focus on training and education, we are an advocate for the new standards for continuing education and the first organization in the country to create and advocate a formal continuing education program for Customs Brokers.

It should come as no surprise that our background includes 25 years of Customs Broker training and education . In fact, we have written courses for other Customs Broker training companies and published courses for both the private and public sector, including four year accredited colleges. The owners of the top three Custom Broker License training companies obtained their license as a direct result of being one of our former students.

Educational Services

One of the features of our Customs Broker Course is that it is not a “seminar”, but rather a complete course. When examining other Customs Broker schools, we found they were either too narrow in their focus, looking at only a few facets of the Customs Regulations, or they were too general and attempted to “broad-brush” the entire subject matter, which overlooks the specific areas that are important in passing the Customs Brokers Examination.
In an interview with The Shipper Magazine we were asked to what we attribute the success of our company. Below is an excerpt from that interview:
“First and foremost, our association is dedicated to Customs Broker training; it is not a part-time side business for us. Second, we teach on the premise that the student has no, or little knowledge and begin at ground zero. Third, we have 23 structured modules of instruction that covers theory, principal and hands on application. We know of no other program in the nation that is similar to ours. A recent class had an 84% pass rate and the highest score in the country was achieved by one of our Video Course students. This is a program that really works.”
When the U.S. State Department and the F.D.A. needed a Customs Broker Course – They selected American Customs Association over all other course providers.
Not only the government, but so did global industry leaders, including:
Academy Sports
American Presidential Lines (APL)
Beckman Instruments
BF Goodrich
BMW North America
Boston Scientific
Cornell University – School of Law
The Coca-Cola Company
Federal Express
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
General Electric (GE)
Hemacy Corp
Honda Manufacturing America
Levis Strauss
Lycoming Engines
Northwestern University – School of Law
Ocean Spray
PLS Logistics
RM Customshouse
SBC Global
State of Alabama
State of California
State of Texas
Sikorsky Aircraft
Tire Max
Toyota North America
Trans Global Air Charters
Unique Freight Transport
University of Texas – Pam American Studies
University of Rhode Island
U.S. State Department
Yamato Transport
Yokohama Aerospace
Zale Corp – and many more……

Conference Services

Facilitating information and educational opportunities includes our valuable partners in trade. We therefore have scheduled a series of public conferences we invite you to attend. These conferences are free of charge to our members.