Compare Options - Enhanced Course versus E-Course

The difference between the two courses is that the Enhanced Course includes hard copy reference material and DVD’s – otherwise identical.
By not shipping Regulations, DVD’s and Directives we can pass the savings on to you.

Enhanced is a full hard copy course. E-Course is all electronic, Streaming Lectures and e-books. Both identical except delivery format. 

*Please note – we limit Enhanced to 100 students to provide individual one-on-one support

Update – Enhanced Course Sold Out on our first day – e-Course is still available




Full Customs Broker Course 23 Lessons

Lectures on DVD


Lectures on Streaming Video

Live Help Desk


E-Mail Help Desk

Members Only Web

Previous Exams

Interactive Testing

Customs Forms


Quick Cram Study Guide & Review

ACE Entry Summary Business Process

Supplemental Reference


Customs Regulations Hard Copy


Directives Unique for Each Exam

ABI User Requirement

Glossary of Terms

Instructions for CBP 7501

Post Entry Amendments

 Quick Reference Charts for:


            Duty Free Programs


            HTS Sections

            Quota Category

            Regulation Cross Index





* Note – E-Course : Directives and required exam testing reference is downloadable for printing except Quick Cram