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Customs Broker License Exam Course

The Authority for Customs Broker Training -

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American Customs Association

October 2021 Customs Broker License Exam Course

Our Curriculum

We bring the classroom to you....

Enjoy the benefits of learning at your own pace and without having to commute to a classroom.  Study 24/7.

The topics below are covered with clear, concise and easy to follow lectures. View a sample lecture here

Get a full course description here: Customs Broker License Exam Course

Our Course covers 85 - 90 percent of what will be on the exam.  Knowing what to study and understanding concepts is the the key..

Curriculum of Topics

  • Entry of Merchandise
  • Entry Process
  • Special Entry Procedures
  • Warehouse and Rewarehouse Entries
  • Foreign Trade Zones
  • Trade Fairs
  • Examination and Testing of Merchandise
  • Appraisement of Merchandise
  • Liquidation of Duties
  • General Enforcement Provisions
  • Inspection, Search and Seizure
  • Record keeping
  • Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures
  • Claims for Liquidated Damages
  • Administrative Review
  • Protests
  • Classification
  • General Rules of Interpretation
  • Rules of Origin
  • American Goods Returned
  • Proceeding in the Court of International Trade
  • Administrative Rulings
  • Modernized Drawback Entries (new Part 190)
  • Transportation in Bond and Transit
  • Customs Financial and Accounting Procedures
  • General Provisions
  • Rules of Origin
  • Customs Brokers
  • Customs Bonds
  • Carnets
  • General Order and Abandoned Merchandise
  • Quotas
  • Trademark, Trade Names and Copyright

  • Antidumping / Countervailing
  • Country of Origin Marking Requirements
  • Special Entry Procedure
  • Temporary Import Bond
  • Articles Conditionally Free
  • Special Class Merchandise
  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule
  • General Rule of Interpretation
  • Generalized System of Preference
  • C-TPAT
  • 7501 Entry Procedure
  • Importer Security Filing (ISF)
  • Automotive Products Act
  • Civil Aircraft Act
  • Caribbean Basin (CBERA)
  • Israel Free Trade
  • Freely Associated States
  • Andean Trade (ATPA)
  • United States Mexico Canada Free Trade (USMCA)
  • African Growth Act (AGOA)
  • Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership (CBTPA)
  • Jordan Free Trade Act
  • Singapore Free Trade Agreement
  • Chile Free Trade Agreement
  • Morocco Free Trade Agreement
  • Australia Free Trade Agreement
  • Dominican Republic (CAFTA)
  • Bahrain Free Trade Agreement
  • Oman Free Trade Agreement
  • Peru Free Trade Agreement
  • Korea Free Trade Agreement
  • Colombia Free Trade Agreement
  • Panama Free Trade

*United States Customs Regulations are included in our course along with both, hard and electronic copies of:

CATAIR - Subject to the newest CBP Directives

              ABI User Requirement

              Appendix B – Valid Codes

              Appendix D – Metric Conversion

              Appendix E – Valid Entry Numbers

              Appendix G – Common Errors

              Appendix H – Census Warning Messages

              Appendix L – Drawback Errors

              Glossary of Terms


Instructions for Preparation of CBP Form 7501


C-TPAT – Minimum Security Requirements for Customs Brokers


Submission Changes for Supplemental Information Letters and Post Entry Amendments


Remote Location Filing Eligibility Requirements



              3510-004: Monetary Guidelines for Setting Bond Amounts

              3510-004: Amendment for Antidumping/Countervailing Duty Cases

              3530-002A Right To Make Entry

              3550-055: Instructions for Deriving Manufacturer Identification Codes

              3550-067: Entry Summary Acceptance and Rejection Policy

              3550-079A: Ultimate Consignee at time of Entry or Release

              3560-001A:  Census Interface-Processing Procedures

              5610-002A: Guidelines for the Input of Name and Addresses into Automated Commercial System (ACS) Files

The new Customs Broker Exam course has been expanded to 23 Lessons with more information on: Classification and Tariff Shifts, HOPE II Act, First Sale Rule, and Importer Security Filing (ISF).  The most complete academic program in the nation:


● Full Customs Broker Course 23 Lessons

● Lectures on DVD & Streaming Video

● Live Help Desk

● Members Only Web

● Previous Exams

● Interactive Testing

● Customs Forms

● Bulletins

● Quick Cram Study Guide & Review

Supplemental Reference


● Customs Regulations


ABI User Requirement

Appendix B

Appendix D

Appendix E

Appendix G

Appendix H

Appendix L

Glossary of Terms

● Instructions for CBP 7501

● Post Entry Amendments

● RLF Requirements

● Directives








Our Benefits

Course Material – We include Customs Regulations, Study Guide, and Directives all in hard copy format – same information is also available in electronic format so you can study while on the go without carrying books.


*Additionally - Right before the exam -

All students receive an entire DVD on:

  • Course Review
  • Exam Strategy Skills
  • Test Taking Techniques
  • Truth and Tricks
  • Quick Reference Exam Supplement
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