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We guarantee this to be the most comprehensive, current and accurate Customs Broker Exam Course in the nation.....

Developed by the experts....

Customs Broker License Exam Free Sample

Customs Broker License Exam Course

For the April 2019 Customs Brokers Exam

Customs Broker Exam Course

23 Lessons - A Complete Program of Learning

Why Choose American Customs

Why we are the top rated course


We bring the classroom to you..

This Customs Broker Exam Course is designed for a variety of individuals - From first time applicant with no experience - to experienced students who have tried other courses and could not passed until completing our Customs Broker License Exam Course.

Learn the fundamentals, principals and application of U.S. Customs law and regulations in a sensible, easy to understand presentation that makes learning easy. We keep it interesting.

We begin teaching under the assumption the student has no, or little, transportation experience and build a logical foundation that covers 85-90% of what will be on the Customs Broker Exam.

Each of the 23 lectures matches a reading assignment and is explained in simple terms with plenty of illustrations, examples, and real world experience.  No DVD? No Problem. Our students can view the Lectures on-line via streaming video

A benefit of our Customs Broker License course is that you can begin at anytime, you have the convenience of learning at your own pace and you can review the material as often as you like.

Need help?

Registered students receive unlimited access to our live Help Desk and Members Only site for one semester.  All staff members at the Help Desk are Licensed Customs Brokers.

This is a complete Customs Broker Training course. The principal author and instructor has written four books on Customs Broker License Training and has designed courses for other Customs Broker training companies. His courses are taught at four-year colleges and universities.

The American Customs Association guarantees the accuracy of all material in this program. The guarantee is unconditional.

We encourage you compare this Customs Broker Course against any other course in the nation. You can view a mini Sample Video clip on our web site, or request a more through 30-minute Sample DVD that we will send to you with no obligation.

A Customs Broker License is a valuable investment. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have.

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Written by the Experts

Developed by the best talent in the Industry. We gathered a coalition of Custom Brokers, Attorneys and Educators with proven results

Twenty-Three Lessons
The most comprehensive course available. Learn the A-Z of Customs Regulations in an easy to understand format. Hard copy DVD’s to keep permanently and streaming video 24/7 on any platform - phone, tablet, pc and mac.

Free Customs Regulations
Official hard copy of Customs Regulations, Directives, CATAIR, 7501 Procedure Handbook and Quick Cram reference Guide.

Live Help Desk

Live one-on-one Help Desk. Have a question? Simply call or e-mail the Help Desk for an instant answer.  Nothing is difficult if explained properly.

Members Only
Members Only web access to sharpen your skills. Previous Exams, Cheat Sheets, Blog, interactive quizzes, Customs forms, entries and more.

Academic Standards
Instruction uses legitimate academic standards. Our easy to follow format keeps you interested with dynamic presentation covering 85-90 percent of what will be on the Exam.

Guaranteed Current
We update every exam cycle and guarantee our information to be current and accurate.


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Customs Broker License Exam Free Sample

Free Sample

Customs Broker License Exam Course