Unedited emails from students who passed the Customs Broker Exam on their first attempt – with no previous experience.

*As of 2020 we no longer publish emails due to privacy concerns – email deleted but names still appear in internet search      

Name: Gary Siefring
Email Address: Gxxxxx

Description: I took the course for the Ocotober 2020 exam. I received my letter that I passed. My student number was xxxxx.

I want to thank you for this course. The lectures, readings, exams and pointers were just what I needed to get myself ready for the exam. There are no shortcuts. You have to do the readings, listen to the lectures, do the readings again and take the sample exams. The quick cram guide, test taking tips and recommendations on final preparations were all spot on. Great job. It shows that you’ve been doing this for a while and your method works.

I’ll be looking forward to the $50 coming my way. I owe my wife a good dinner for all that she put up with while I studied away most night for the past few months.

You definitely have my strongest recommendation for the course.
Best regards,
Gary Siefring

Name: Kiel Yost – Student #XX

Email Address:

Description: Greetings, I was a student in the last course for the October 8, 2020 Exam, and just received my Passing Test results from CBP. I would like to inquire as to how the receive the $50 rebate for first time pass.

Please advise the necessary steps.

Thank you in advance for the assistance with this and for the Excellent Test Prep.

Name: Kandis Stein

Email Address:

I passed!! I completely credit your program as I came in with zero knowledge of imports etc. Does ACA have a mentoring program? I have a lot of questions about how to set up and some of the practical elements to customs brokerage and no contacts to turn to.
K Stein

Name: Elaine Gehlert

Email Address:

I received email from CBP that I have passed the exam. It was my first try. I have to say your courses was very helpful, taught me everything I needed.
Confirmation letter is attached. Please issue $50 refund.

Thank you.
E Gehlert

Name: Abul B Rahman

Email Address:

Description: This is to inform you that I have passed the CBLE exam held on October 08, 2020.


Abul Rahman

Name: Bryce Ciccaglione

Email Address:

Description: Hi, I am reaching out because I was a student in your Spring 2020 CBLE prep course and I took the October 8th exam. I just received word from CBP that I passed! Thank you for your amazing course, I could not have done it without you. I would be happy to send you my notification letter via email attachment once you respond to this inquiry

Name: Corfey Butler

Email Address:

Description: I passed

 Dear ACA,
 I wanted to say thank you for getting me ready for the 2020 CBLE. 

Through the help of your course I was able to pass my test as you can see from the attached letter.

Thank you again so much for your help!

Name: Nicholas Stevens

Email Address:

Description: Hi I received official notice I passed the exam. To which email can I forward the letter for the $50 refund?

Name:  Jacob Krief

Email Address:

Description: Pass Letter

I have some good news.  I passed the exam.   Can you issue the $50 rebate for passing

Name: Tracey Thomas

Email Address:

Description: Good morning,

I received notification of me passing my exam. I wasn’t sure how I go about getting a rebate. I was originally scheduled to take the April 2020 exam, but it was cancelled, and I took the Oct. 8th exam.

If you could please let me know if there is a form to fill out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you and have a great day!

Name: Andrew Ramirez

Email Address:

Description: I passed ! 

Letter attached from Oct 2020 exam for rebate.

Name: Jossi Edwards

Email Address:

Description: Hello

I took this course for the October 8th exam.  Just wanted to inform you that I was notified that I did pass.

Thank you

Name: Nidhi Agarwal

Email Address:

Description: Oct 2020 Exam

Attached is my letter from CBP for passing the Oct 8 exam, can you please forward the rebate to the address on file. You guys are awesome and will highly recommend your course to anyone interested in becoming a Customs Broker.

Thanks for a great course.

Name: Ervin Rios

Email Address:

Description: Hello

Please see the letter where i passed the exam. My member number is XXXXX. Also my address has changed. xxxxxxx Jersey City,NJ

Thank you,

Name: Stephen Rizzo

Email Address:

Description: Passed it!

It finally came through, passing letter attached for Oct 2020 Exam, please send check. Thanks for everything, I could not have passed on my first try with only 60 days of studying without your course!

Name: Brian Aiers
Email Address:

Description: Good morning,

I’m not in need of any assistance, but I wanted to reach out and express my gratitude for this course and its valuable assistance in preparing me for the CBL Exam.

After signing up for the exam in April 2019, using the materials and going over my extensive notes/practice questions I recently received notice from CBP that I passed!  It was a long, grueling test and my success will have me recommending ACA test prep to any coworkers or colleagues that may want to sit for the exam in the future.

I was wondering if the ACA had any information on the test results and its
relevant macro statistics, though. I can\’t seem to find consistent pass
rates published anywhere for each test, and I want to properly contextualize
my success for others I may recommend you to in the future. Anything you can
pass along would be very helpful.

Thank you again!

Brian Aiers
Trade Compliance Specialist

Name: Wesley Peterson
Email Address: cxtnxoxk@gmail.com

Description: I received my letter that I passed the broker\’s exam!
I am hoping I might be able to get the $50 rebate?

Name: John DeFlippo
Emails Address: jdeflippo@xxxxxIntl.com

Description: April 2019 Exam

Just received my letter that I passed! Thank you sooooo much! – Great course and can you tell me how to get the $50 rebate for
passing? Letter attached 🙂


Name: Janice Martin
Emails Address:xxxxnne64320@gmail.com

Description: Greetings

I have passed the April 2019 exam, attached is the letter, thank you for all your help. How do I get my rebate? Exellent course and cold not have

pased without you guys 🙂

Name: Mary Embley
Emails Address: hapxxxgirl@yxxxI.com

Description: April 2019 Exam

Here is the letter from Customs, thank you for all your help.

Name: carla bauer
Email Address: carlcccuador@xxxl.com

Description: passed April 2019 exam

Good afternoon,

First of all, I wanted to thank you for your excellent course. Not only it
helped me to pass the customs broker exam but also understand the CFR 19

Please see letter attached and let me know how can I claim my $50 rebate!

Name: Anthony Cancipcion
Email Address: xcxoncepcxon14@lxxxxx.com

Description: Good Morning,

I am so excited to announce that I passed the April 2019 Exam!!! My first try too!!

Honestly I would have not been able to pass without the help of this course and the people at the help desk.

This course will make your chances of passing a lot higher. It gave me everything from important details on CFR 19 and the HTS to very useful test taking tips. Also, the Quick Cram at the end of the course is a great study tool that will make the weeks before the test a lot less stressful.

I highly recommend this course. Not only did I pass the test, but I truly feel knowledgeable on the subjects. Do your reading, watch the videos, and give yourself time (at least 2 weeks) to review, and you got a good shot at passing.

Thank you to the professor and all the people at ACA!!! My pass letter is attached.

Best Regards,

Anthony Cancipcion

Name: Li Cho Zang
Email Adddress: lilicxxxx@gmail.com

Description: Test Results

Here is my letter from Customs.  I passed with 86.25% on my first try. Thank you for an excellent course and great help desk!

How can I get the rebate?

Name: Tyler Mezza
Email Address: tyler.mez@xxxxx.com

Description: Pass Rebate

I passed the October 2018 CBLE on my first try with a 82.5%! I cannot thank you guys enough for providing such a great course. I’ve attached my results letter and trust this will suffice for my rebate. Please let me know if I can provide any other information, and THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!


Tyler M

Name: JiaJun Shan
Email Address: shanxxxx@live.com
Description: Hi,

I am really happy that I passed october 24, 2018 test, my letter is attached.
My student number is XXXXXX

I have heard from my friend that I can get 50 bucks back, can someone please
assist me with this.

Thank you so much,

Name: Peter Melnyk
Email Address: mel1969X@.xxxx.com
Description: Pass

Attached is my letter from CBP showing I passed the October 2018 customs broker exam. This was my first attempt and would like to find out how to get a rebate check for passing. My student number is xxxxxx.

Excellent course and I would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you.


Name: Lourdes Silva
Email Address: lpsilva@xxxx.net
Description: Hello

I wanted to share with you that I passed the October 24th, 2018 Exam (77.5 score). You have a great course!! I referred my co-worker to you and he is currently enrolled for the April 2019 Exam class.

Thank you!!

Email Address: gmgra64@xxxxxxxcom.mx
Description: I just passed the October 24, 2018 exam. How I go about getting the $50 dollar rebate that you offered?

Thank you,


Name: SF (student asked to have name withheld)
Email Address: sfxxxx@xxxxxl.com
Description: Passed Oct 2018 Customs Broker Exam

Dear ACA

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful exam prep materials. I passed my exam on the first try with absolutely no background in this field. I am especially grateful because although I had planned to dedicate 2.5 months to study, that time was cut down by one month due to extenuating personal circumstances, and I was only able to get back to my regular study schedule about a week before the exam. The DVDs really helped me to learn and understand the material much faster than if I had relied on the books and HTS alone. Please find my results letter attached below for the reimbursement.

Thanks again,

SF (Student Number: xxxxxx)

Name: Carol Wang
Email Address: carxxxxg@hotmail.com
Description: Pass Oct 2018 Exam

Hi, I\’ve passed the Oct. 2018 for the first try. Student#:5xxxx
Could you please advise how can I get the $50 rebate? Many thanks

Name: Carrie Durio
Email Address: caxxxxxx@gmail.com
Description: Passed April Exam

I received my letter from CBP notifying me that I passed the April 2018 exam with a 87.5% on my first attempt!

This program, along with taking practice exams, helped me achieve something that I once thought was impossible.

Please let me know what steps I need to take to receive the $50.00 rebate for passing. My student number is xxxxx

Thank you!

Carrie Durio

Name: Charlye Hebert
Email Address: Charlyexxxxxxt@Bertling.com
Description: Pass

Description: Hi, I passed my customs exam on the first try in April 2018
with a score of 80%! I am so thankful for this course that prepared me for
the exam and I have referred many friends and colleagues to this course.

Thank you, ACA!!

Name: Nick Laviola
Email Address: n.lxxxxx@xxxane.us.com
: Hello

Just received the letter from US customs .. I’ve passed the April 2018 exam.

I want to give you guys big shout out….. THANKS@!

Your quick cram and your dvd lessons were instrumental for my success on this exam. Thanks to you, I was able to make sense of the CFR 19 and pass the exam !!GRAZIE!!!!!

Please send me the $50 rebate
Import Manager

Name: Carla Webb
Email Address: carlawebb@seaxxxxnc.com
Description: I passed the April 2018 exam after taking your course. How do
I go about getting my rebate?

Name: Carla Webb
Student # XXX03

Name: David Russell
Email Address: dgxxxxx9@gmail.com
Description: April 2018 Exam

Hi Lisa –
Thanks, here is my letter from CBP
My address is

Name: Patricia Swass
Email Address: pattixxxx@outlook.com
Description: Rebate

I passed the April 2018 on my first try with no experience. The instructor on the last lesson said we can get a $50 for passing. Can you tell me how? I want you to know I took two courses at same time, the other one was a lawyer and it was awful. You guys made it easy to understand and the instructor (never got his name) was great.  My student number is xxxxxxx.


Name: Carolyn Chesser
Email Address: chesser21hxxxxxxr@yahoo.com
April 2018 exam

I just got my letter from Customs that I passed the exam!  How do I get my $50 rebate?


Name: Muhammad Shahid
Email Address: mshxxxxxxr@xxxxmail.com
Description: Passed October 2017 Customs Broker Exam

I am so glade to inform you that I have passed the Custom\’s Broker Exam ,which I took on 10/25/2017 . Your DVDs were of great help, especially the instructor was so impressive and had comprehensive knowledge of the subject . Can you please refund $50 as promised . Thank you

Name: Shana Nanney
Email Address: snxxey@xxxtlaw.com

Description: I passed the October 2017 Customs Broker License Exam in my first attempt after completing this course. The instructor was very knowledgeable and presented the material so that it was easy to follow. The course material provided and the exam tips were invaluable. Thank you American Customs Association for making a very difficult exam manageable.

Name: Wai Yee Yuen
Email Address: cxxxxtal.yuen@xxxxail.com
Description: Hi, I just passed the exam (Oct 2017). This was my first try and I enjoyed the course . May I know how to get a rebate $50? Thanks.

Name: Evan Magid
Email Address: emaxxxoo@xxxmail.com
Description: Oct 2017 Customs Broker Exam.
I received my results over the weekend and passed! I\’m requesting the $50 rebate for passing that is listed on the FAQ. Thank you for providing the tools to help me pass the exam.

Name: Zahi Habre
Email Address: zhixx@xmail.com
Description: Kindly note that i have passed the October 25,2017, Customs Broker License Examination with a score of 77.5%. I enrolled with the American Customs Association for October 2017 – Password: xxxxxx (also my student number).

Name: Meagan MacLean
Email Address: meagan.mxxxxx@xmail.com
Description: Hello!

I passed the October 2017 exam on my first try, despite the technical difficulties. This course was a huge help towards organizing and understanding the material and preparing for the exam. Thanks for all your assistance.

Please let me know how to set up the reimbursement for passing.

Name: teresa dente 
Email: teresa.dente@bxxxxt.com

Description: Good morning

Attached please find the letter from CBP stating I have passed the October 2017 brokers exam. Please advise how to receive the $50.00 rebate for passing.

Thank you
Teresa Dente

Name: Lex Alexander
Email Address: lexixxander@xmail.com
Description: Hey!

I was in the April 2017 prep course. I remember being told to send this to you for a rebate to celebrate and also I can provide a testimonial if you’d like!
The CBP correspondence letter is attached.

I started with barely any background knowledge regarding Customs and ended the course by scoring an 86.25%! The classes are very straight forward and make it easy to understand the regulations. I finished the test with an hour to spare because this class made me so prepared. I highly recommend your course for anyone


Name: Bonnie Byrne
Email Address: bbyxe@maxxxcom

Description: Hello,

I passed the April 2017 exam and my password was X34X0 I believe. I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your course and would not have passed without it

Thank you,


Name: Li Chun Lee
Email Address: jayxxxxe.lcl@gmail.com
Description: Hi ACA,

I bought ACA course and passed 2017 April customs broker exam with score 80.

Thank you so much your course! I just received job offer- to start an in house brokerage dept!   Thank you so much.


Name: Wesley A. Kornowske
Email Address: wkornoxx@xxxxtransport.com

Description: April 2017 Pass

Excited to say that I passed the April 2017 exam after taking your course. Should I forward the letter to you for my $50 refund? Thank you for a great course! Wes

Name: Jonathan Jagiello
Email Address: jjagexxlo@wixxxxintl.com

Description: I passed!

I passed the April 2017 Exam – see attached.  Please send check to:

Name: Rebecca Renner
Email Address: rebecca@xxxxfreight.com

Description: Hello – my student number was xxxxx, I passed the April exam what do I need to do to receive the $50 refund? CBP letter attached.
Thank you!

Name: Danielle Hanna
Email Address: dhanna@xxxx.com

Description: I passed the April 2017 exam. I just wanted to know how to get the $50 for passing?

Thank you.

Name: Hellen Saxton
Email Address: hellenxxxx@gxxxxx.com
Description: Hello,

I passed the April 2017 exam after studying with your course materials. My student number is xxxxx. How do I apply for the $50 pass first time rebate?

Thank you,

Name: Sandra Hasvetings
Email Address: s.haste@pxxxxg.com
Description: Dear ACA ,
I was student # xxxx who took the Broker’s Exam, and passed. Great course and this is my first try at the exam.

The teacher made it interesting and the Help Desk was great. I am writing to claim the $50 refund.

Thank you!

Name: Cody Neder
Email Address: csnxxxx@gmail.com

Subject: I passed


I was enrolled in the October 2016 course. I got my exam results back and I ended up passing! My student ID was xx119. Can you please make the check out to Cody Neder and send to the below address?

Name: Lisa Cartaya
Email Address: lizcatsxx1@aol.com

Subject: October 2016 Exam

I just wanted to inform you I just passed the exam and wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for a great course. Please tell everyone at the Help Desk thanks.


Name:John Choi
Email Address: i2jcxakx23@gxxail.com

Subject: Passed the Exam!

I passed the April 2016 exam on first try.  This excellent course really helped a lot.  Can I get my $50 rebate for passing?

Jong Choi

Name: John Truszkowski
Email Address: inxxakx23@yxxail.com

Subject: Re: Passed the April Exam!

Using the ACA Study program, I passed the Customs Broker License Examination on my first try!!

Please send $50 rebate to:

John Truszkowski
26xx5 Axxxxxe Ave.
Xxxxl Oxx, MI 48073

Thank you,

John Truszkowski

Name: Yazmin Pexzien
Email Address: yazxxxxxxien@xxail.com
Description: April 2016 Passing Letter

I was notified that I passed the brokers exam with 82.5% on my first try! I don’t think I could have done it without the videos and the support from the help desk. In addition, having the Quick Cram saved me during the exam as everything was well organized and easy to navigate.

Could you please tell me if you are still offering the $50 rebate for passing?

Name: Schuyler Reidel
Email Address: j.s.sxx@lawfirm.com
Description: Hello

I wanted to pass along the good news I pased the exam on my first try with the help of American Customs Association. See the atached letter from CBP
and send any applicable rebates to my business mailling address below.

Thanks Again

Name: Justin Sanchez
Email Address: j.s.sxx@gmaxxx.com
Description: Pass

I passed the April 2016 exam. Thank you for the great material. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Will you please send me info on how to get the $50 Reimbursement? Thanks.

Name: Michael Lewis
Email Address: lewisxx@shipingxxx.com
Description: April 2016 Score

Please see attached letter showing I passed with 83.75%. I truly enjoyed the course and will recommend to all who want to PASS the test!!

Name: Patricia L Waldron
Email Address: xxxx@hotmail.com
Description: Thank you! Wow–I passed the April 2016 Customs Broker Exam and could not have done it without you folks!!

How do I get my $50 for passing? My ID was 4105.

Name: Lysander Lyon
Email Address: llxxdgen@yahoo..com

Description: Pass April 2016 Exam

Passed! – Enclosed letter from customs – Please send rebate check to address on file. Thank You.

Name: Eric Jackson
Email Address: ericdgen@yahxxx.com

Description: Passed the Exam.  Just wanted to let you know received my letter today & I passed the exam

Name: Joe Rindgen
Email Address: jrindgen@xxxxx.com

Description: Passed the Oct 2015 Exam.

Thanks! Your course was great. The videos were a big help with navigating the CFR.  The quick cram was worth it’s weight in gold!

You can send the $50 rebate to my address on file – it remains the same.

Name: Guillermo Espinosa
Email Address: guillexxxpinosa.xx31@xxxketmail.com

Description: Pass October 2015 Exam

As discussed on the phone here is the information you requested from me to get the $50 refund. Please see attached letter from US customs and border protection. Thank you for the course, without it I don’t think anyone can pass this exam.

My address is still the same as follows:
44XX River Overlook Dr
Valrico FL 33596

Name: John Callea
Email Address: Johnm@xxxxxxces.com

Description: Good Afternoon
I took your course this past summer and past the exam on Oct 7th 2015.   Your course was a huge help! I was wondering if the $50 refund is still valid for passing on the first try? Thanks

Name: Takayuki Yamamoto
Email Address: xxxklyjump@hotmail.com

Description: Oct 2015 exam – $50 for passing on first try. I am attaching letter from customs with my score of 88.75%. Thank you.

Name: Alyce Pawelczyk
Email Address: apwelczxx@xxwide.com

Description: Passed October 2015 Exam
Enclosed is my letter from Customs. Your course was amazing & I reccommend it to anyone that asks.


Name: Lisa Kim
Email Address: lyons1996@xxxxx.com

I just got the letter that I passed the Oct 2015 Exam – Thank You Guys So Much!   The course was great and I referred a freind to you. Can you please tell me the procedure for getting the rebate for passing?  My student number was 26xxx7

Name: Miguel Prado
Email Address: mxkep@hurxxing.com

Description: I had signed up for your most recent course and the October 2015 exam date. I passed the test and would like the $50 refund. I have a copy of the letter that shows that I passed the test. How do I proceed? Thanks, Mike

Name:  Sonia Nickles
Email Address: S.Niclles.mba@tpdxxx.net

Description: I passed the Exam

Secondly, my tips for new students is to do what I did. I first watched the lecture and took notes. Then, I would read the assigned material and review my lecture notes for the lesson.  Last, I re-watch lecture, revise and rewrite lecture notes and review.

My student number is xxxxxx and my address remains the same for the rabate check.

Name: mary kelley parks
Email Address: kexbrxckxxx@xxail.com

Description: I passed the customs broker exam I took in October. I was told there is a $50 refund on the course for those who pass. How can I apply for the refund?
Thank you.

Name: Joon Rhee
Email Address: joonrhee@xxxxxx.com

My name is Joon Rhee and I proudly passed the 2015 October exam with 86.25% passing rate. Please advise instructions on how to get $50 rebate.
I really enjoyed the course and all the people at the Help Desk were great. 

Name: Kelly Stout
Email Address: kxxxx@hotmail.com

I passed the Oct 2015 exam! How do I receive the $50 rebate?
Kind Regards

Name: Ferdinando Guerra
Email Address: fxxxd3r@sprynet.com

Description: I was a former student with your school. Even though I have no prior experience in Importing, I just wanted to write that I passed the 2015 Customs Brokers Exam. I Just wanted to thank you and the teacher for such an informative instructional video. At the end of June 2015, I applied for the license, and in August I was called to conduct an interview and was told my information and finger prints will be sent to Washington D.C., as of now I am waiting for final decision. Thank you for a wonderful program.

Email Address: brianyxxxxc@gmail.com

Description: I have been notified by CBP that I passed the April 2015 U.S. Customs Broker License Exam with 81.25%. This was my first attempt. Your detailed video Lectures and Quick Cram material were of great help in passing the exam.

As for the $50 refund, please send me at the address, 8220 xxxxxx Buena Park, CA 90621 and let me have your confirmation on sending by email.

Again thanks so much for your excellent guide for the exam

Email Address: axxxx-eg@outlook.com

Description: I was informed by Customs on Monday 6/8/15 that I passed the Brokers test with 81.25%.

Thank you so much for your help. Your course played a key role in passing the test. How do I get the 50.00 check you mention in the DVD for passing?
Thank you

Name: Scott Braden
Email Address: sgxxxxxn@xxail.com

Description: Hi there,

I passed the exam with an 85% and I remember something about a $50 refund if we contacted ACA upon passing the exam.

The course really saved my butt. There\’s no way I would have passed without it.



Name: David Lee
Email Address: d111lxx-1x@outlook.com

Description: Hello

I would like to thank the Association and your materials (especially the Quick Cram) for helping me pass the April 2015 exam. I received my results letter (80%) in the mail and am happy beyond words. – My user ID was: xxx & my password was: xxxxx. My port is: Chicago and I took the test in Rosemont, IL     I can scan you my results letter if necessary. – Please forward me my $50.00 rebate check to:
38XXXX Mxxxle Ave. Northbrook, IL 60062. Thank you for everything. – I am willing to happily type a testimony letter should you like one

Name: Kelsie Brien
Email Address: kbrie@axxxxytg.com

Description: Good Afternoon,

I took your course for the April 2015 exam and just learned that I passed the exam.   Thank you to the team at American Customs!

I thought the course mentioned that there is a $50 \”refund\” if you pass the exam – is that accurate? If so, can you please advise how to proceed.

Thank You

Name: Jennifer Popiwny
Email Address: sunxxxxxove@outlook.com

Description: I Just wanted to say Thank you. I purchased the DVD package from you last year.
I was going to take my US Customs Broker exam in October but something came up and I had to wait until April. I just got my letter. I PASSED!!!

To: American Customs
From: Alex Munoz

Description: I Passed the April 2015 Exam!!  My student number is XXXXXX and password xx79xxx.

Thank you!


PS – How do get the rebate now that I passed?

Name: Jeremy Piepenbrink
Email Address: jxxxx.piepenbrink@jdxxx.com

Description: Rebate for Passing

Thank you for helping me pass the April 2015 exam!!    Excellent course!
For the rebate,
my user name: xxxx
password: xxxxx

Please let me know if you need any further info and thanks again!

Jeremy Piepenbrink
JDC International Inc.

Name: David Mandel
Email: ddmman@xxxxx.com

Description: Dear Friends,

I just got letter that I did pass the TEST! Thank you very much!

Kindly, guide me on How to receive your $50 rebate ?
(“…pass the exam and we send you a $50 rebate”)

Thank you for your continuing support.

David Mandel

Subject: Pass

To: American Customs
From: Charles McConnell 

Description: I have recently been notified that I passed the October Customs Broker exam and I understand that I qualify for a $50 rebate. Your course was very helpful, I could not have passed the exam without it.

Thank you!

user name: xxxxxx33x3

Subject: October Exam

To: American Customs
From: James Bouchard < xxesbouxxxxr@gmail.com>

Description: Good morning. I was enrolled in the October course and received a score of 82.5%. I was just wondering what I need to provide to receive the $50 thank you check.

Thanks a bunch!  You provide an excellent education service!

Subject: Dear American Customs Association

To: American Customs
From: Monica Brand < monicabrand@xxxxxlogistics.com>

Description: I took your Customs Broker License Exam DVD course last semester and I passed the October 2014 Broker Exam!!!. Your course and training material was clear and easy to understand and follow and your team of subject matter experts were very profesional in providing support and answering questions effectively at all times. I highly recommend your course to anyone that is interested. Thank you American Customs Association.

Subject: October 2014 Customs Broker Exam
To: American Customs
From: Nicole Roe <n.roe@xxxxxxx.com>

I wanted to share my good news with you all because if it was not for your class I would still be taking the test!

Thank you again,

Nicole Roe
Valero Companies
Customs, International Trade & Compliance
Phone: (210) 345-XXXX

Subject: Pass

To: American Customs
From: Elizabeth Willingham 

Description: I Passed the Ocotober 2014 Exam!!  My student number is XXXXXX and password xx79xxx.

Thank you!


Subject: Passed Exam Oct 2014

To: American Customs
From: Rodrigo Ramirez

Description: I graduated with BS in Biology, had zero knowledge on the subject, and this course was extremely helpful for me to truly understand every aspect of the exam. I studied hard for 1 month and I\’m happy to say that I ended up getting an 83 on my first attempt! Great course, highly recommended. Do passing students still receive $50 rebate check? Thanks!

Subject: Passed Exam Oct 2014
To: American Customs
From: JoAn Chan /Cargo Partner ORD [j.cxxxx@cargo-partner.com]

Hi ACA team

My name is Joanne Tayler . i enrolled the broker course with your association .

I am glad to tell you that i have passed the Oct 2014 Customs broker license exam . Attached is the letter for your reference.

JoAnne ( 630 7XX- 9978)

I passed the October 2014 Exam and I was wondering about the $50 rebate. Thank you so much! Also for the application, are there any guidelines for the six references? or can they just be anyone?

Christian Hayes

Subject: Passed Exam Oct 2014
To: American Customs
From: Colin L

Hi there,

Thanks for the course, it was certainly helpful in grasping the concepts and methods needed for studying for the exam. This was my first attempt and I’m happy to say I passed with a score of 84.2 . Attached is my letter from CBP.

Would you kindly let me know what I need to do to get the $50 refund check for passing?

Thank you,
Colin Anderson

Subject: Passed Exam Oct 2014
To: American Customs
From: Shondra Morton <s.moxxx23@hotmail.com>

Username: xxxxx password: xxxxxx
I have passed the October 2014 exam. Please review and advise accordingly.

Thank You,
Shonda Morton

Subject: Passed Exam Oct 2014
To: American Customs
From: M.Price <mprice21@xxxx.com>
I’d like my $50 rebate please. My username was: xxx, I believe.

Meredith Price
Please let me know if you need anything else.

Subject: Passed Exam
To: American Customs
I got the letter from CBP on November 28th, 2014. Finally, I passed the Oct 2014 CBLE.
Thank you, guys, for your course and help. They were very helpful.
Have a good day!
Kind regards,


Name: Anatacia Peralta
Email Address: annielexxxxx7@gmail.com
Description: I purchased your prep materials for the October 2014 Broker\’s License Exam.

I am very proud that I passed the exam!! When I purchased the course, I was told that will receive a rebate of $50 if I passed. I would like to know what I need to do to get the rebate. Please let me know.

Name: Eric Booth
Email Address: xxxxh@gmail.com>
Description: April Exam Pass,

Thanks for the wonderful instruction provided in the DVDs. Those at the help desk were very helpful to me as well! I couldn’t have passed it without your help. I’m 100% satisfied with the course and will be recommending it to anyone else wanting to prepare for the exam.

I’ve attached my congratulatory letter in this email. How do I go about getting my $50 rebate check for passing?

My new address is XXXXXXXXXXXXX TX 77339. My user ID for the course was X99XX.

Best regards,

Eric Booth

Name: Gregory Maisch
Email Address: grxxxxxx@gmail.com
Description: Hello,

I took your course for April 2014 Customs Broker Exam and I was able to pass on my first try! Thank you for offering this course and the Help Desk, I don\’t think I could have passed without it.

Can you kindly give me more information on how to claim the $50 refund check (for passing)… Thanks!!

Name: Joanne Hsiao
Email Address: cxj10xx@hotmail.com

Description: Hi Karen. It was nice to speak to you today. I am writing this email to tell you that I just passed the CBP Exam in April 2014. Attached please find a letter I got from US Customs and Border Protection.

Thank you very much for your assistance
Best regards,

Name: Christine Deering
Email Address: Cxxxxxxxxv@gmail.com

Description: I wanted to thank you for putting together an amazing course for the customs brokers exam. I had no previous experience or knowledge on the subject matter. With the help of this course and and many hours of studying I was able to pass the test on my first attempt! Thank you! Also when or what action needs to be done to claim my $50.00 rebate ?

Thank you again,

Name: Marcia Hubbard
Email Address: huxxxm@msn.com

Description: I received my results for the April 7, 2014 exam and I passed. The DVD\’s and the Cram notes especially made it easy to understand and cross reference.

Name: Vanita Hackworth
Email Address: nixxxxxx@gmail.com

Description: I took your course and the April 2014 Exam. I am informing you that I received my letter of passing.

Name: Michael Mxxxxon
Email Address: mcxxxxx@gmail.com
Description: Pass

I would like to say thank you for the great course, I studied for 3 months and passed April 2014. As per our phone conversation I am requesting a $50.00 rebate for the course. My student number is xx89.

Name: Lori Fox
Email Address: xxxxxxox@gmail.com
Description: Good Evening,

I purchased your Customss Broker Exam License Exam course and I passed the test in April of 2014! Yay. I am not able to locate my receipt so that my company can reimburse me for my expenses. Could you kindly send it to me?

Thanks so much,

Name: lisa mxxxin
Email Address: l@gmail.com

Description: With the help of your program, I passed the Oct 2013 Custom Brokers Exam. Great course. How do I apply for the $50.00 refund for passing? My username is XXXX

Lisa Muxxxn

Name: Elisaveth For—x
Email Address: ctsxxxxxemus.us
Description: Hi,


This is probably not the right address to send such an email but if you could please forward it to the appropriate parties.

I just wanted to thank the entire Team at the American Customs Association for their great support and answering the multiple questions I had during my study for this exam. I passed in October and very happy to have done so since this was my first time.

Again, you guys have an excellent Team who was able to clarify things and make the 19CFR and HTSUS less “scary” than what they appear to be,

Thank you to all; now, the wait for the license begins…

Elisabeth A. For—


Intl. Supply Chain Manager

Name: Oxana Kazik
Email Address: okxxl@gmxail.com
Description:  Passed the exam

I’m a student of yours #2xx0 for October 2013 exam and I passed it (see letter attached).

Please send me $50 rebate check as advertized upon purchasing the program to the following address:
Oxana Kazik
4020 xxxxxxx
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Name: Ada Lansxxf
Email Address: alasl@bae.us.com
Description:  Passed the exam

My understanding is that if I passed the Customs Broker exam, I would receive a $50 refund. I passed the October 2013 exam. My student number is 2xx7. Please send me a check in the amount of $50 to the address below. kind regards, Ada

BAE Systems

Name: Axxx Carty
Email Address: acaxx@axxxxemus.us

Description: Hi,
I used your customs broker license exam course to pass the Apr 2013 course. I thought during the course the instructor said that ACA offered students who passed a $50 rebate. How do I get that rebate? Also what is the name of the instructor in the video? He did an excellent job explaining everything and I would like to write / email him a personal note of thanks.
Axxa Caxxy

From: Mxxx Schmeisser
To: Edx@AmericanCustoms.org
Subject: Passed the Apr 2013 Exam!

My name is Matthew Schmeisser, and I passed the Customs Broker Exam! I’ve been instructed to provide my user name and password below in order to receive the check. Attached to this email, is a copy of the letter given to me by US Customs. Absolutely great course.

User Name: xxxxxxx


Mxxxxx S. Schmeisser

From: Ivan Axxxxx
To: Edu@AmericanCustoms.org
Subject: Passed the Exam!

Description: Hi,

I took your customs broker license exam course.

I just received notice that I passed the April exam.

Can you send my $50 refund? My address is:

Ivan Axxxxxx
XXXX E. Terrace St.
Seattle, WA 98122

Name: Kimberly Marchxxx
Email Address: XXX
Description: This is an email of thanks. I purchased your DVD course a while back and had to watch the series twice before I was finally able to pass the exam. I just received my notice from US Customs that I passed the exam…..thanks to your program.

I appreciate your efforts in putting the DVDs together. It was exactly what I needed to help me prepare for this exam.

Thank you,
Kimberly Marchxxx

From: Gilbert Saxxxxx
To: edx@AmericanCustoms.org
Subject: passed the exam

Customs notified me I passed the exam – I understand that you have a direct way to verify with Customs.

Please send rebate check to Gilbert G Sxxx Jr, 6xxxx Willow Wind Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406. I have already referred two coworkers to your school. Thanks for everything!

Name: Lewis Chaxx
Email Address: l@yahoo.com
Description: I was a student of the April Customs Broker Examination course. I just received an official notice from CBP that I have passed the exam. Please advise how to apply the rebate of $50 from the course. Thank you


Benjamin Lehto
Email Address: xxx

Description: I was enrolled in your course for the October exam and I passed my test with the help of your course and am wondering how I go about sending in my passing letter to receive my $50 rebate?

Thank you very much! And thank you to ACA\’s help during the entire studying process!!!

Name: Santiago Ospina Valencia :
Password: XXXX  

Subject: Passed the Exam

Enclosed is my letter from CBP – Thank you. The course was excellent ! Please send rebate check to 5838 XXXX Charlotte NC 28226

Description: I passed this year\’s Oct exam and would like to request $50 refund.
Hyun-woo Kim
Troy MI 48085

Thank you


I received my test results today and am thrilled to say I passed. Can you please advise the procedure for getting the $50 rebate? I would also like to take this time to thank all of you. Your program was excellent and I couldn’t have passed without it. Again, thank you.

Kandee Slowik

Name: Hisayuki Matsushita
Email Address:
Description: Good Morning! 

Subject: I passed the October exam and am requesting my rebate

My name is Hisayuki Matsushita, a student for the Oct exam
I received a letter from The Customs today,Dec 1st, showing I have passed!!
First, please let me THANK YOU!! for providing the easy-to-understand educational material and excellent help-desk service.
Unlike many exam takers, this was my very first exam with absolutely NO experience.
Threfore, I can\’t stop thanking all of your help-desk staff for patiently answering my questions… I am sure some questions from me were off the line (like no experience person may ask)…but all of you were so nice with me.

Once again, Thank you and I will refer your institution for any future students.


 Name: Tom Lucek
Email Address:

Desciption: Good afternoon,

I was enrolled in you last study session and took the Customs Broker exam last month . I just received my reply letter from CBP stating that I passed the exam and wanted to see how I go about receiving the $50 rebate from American Customs for passing the exam. The dvd’s were great!!! I am very glad I went with your program. I don’t have any brokerage experience or background and I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt.

Thanks for everything.

Best Rgds,
Tom Lucek

 Name: Ferdinando Guerra
Email Address:
Description: Passed the Exam!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your support and help for the October Customs Brokers Exam.  I was most ambiguous on how to approach the CFR and HTS, and with that uncertainly I had scored a 38 with another course provider. Then I had discovered your course, and upon learning through your lecture notes, readings, homework’s, and reviewing past exams it all started to come together by building more confidence, understanding and researching with more accuracy. Meaning just by understanding and thinking about the key words that relates to the chapters, I was able to research those words in the chapter indexes or just knowing where to look with out hesitation which I thought it would be impossible. Just by practicing and perseverance goals can be achieved (By trade I am a teacher).

In all I am so happy that I had achieved a high score on the October exam and thank you so, and I can say that this was better then a Kaplan course. 


I passed the Oct exam. This was my first attempt and I’m glad I went with you guys. Can you tell me how to get the rebate for passing?
My name is : Julie Obecanov
Password: XXXXX

My name is Pravit Jarriypurttipong.
I have passed the October customs broker exam.
You said that you will give $50 for people who pass? How do I apply for it?  Also can you tell me how long it takes to get the license after I submit the application ffor the license?

 Name: Richard Hurst

Email Address:xxxxxxx

Subj: Pass

Description: Hi, I took your class for the October exam and just got a letter from CBP advising that I passed. The course was definitely helpful! Thanks!

 Name: Dana Calloway

Email Address:

Subj: Pass The Exam

AmericanCustoms was instrumental to me in passing the exam. I enjoyed the course, and as I’ve stated before, I feel that by taking your course I got more than my money’s worth. Instruction dvds were supperb and to the point, and information was understandable, pertinent and timely.

I very much appreciate it, and thank you again,

Dana Calloway

 Name: Esther Cho
Email Address:

I took the October exam and passed. (first time taking it) I believe there was a $50 refund that was offered once you passed the exam. How do I apply for this? If you could let me know I would appreciate it. Thank you.

 Description: I passed the exam!

I finally received a letter that I passed it. By the skin of my teeth, but I passed on the 1st try and only after few months of study. Thank you so much for a wonderful course. I would not be able to do it without it. The instructor in the DVD was the best!
Norma Letour

 On Mon at 9:11 PM, Ashley Zhen wrote:

Hi, i took your course last semester and i just passed the october exam, and would like to know how to get the $50 dollars rebate? thank you~

 I passed the October customs broker license exam



how to i file for passing rebate – i really enjoyed the course and now my sister is using it for the april exam!

Thank You,

Cheng Zhu

Email Address:
Description: Hi,
I have passed Oct\’s customs broker exam. Please process the refund for $50. I can email or fax you the pass letter if you need.

I received my letter from Customs yesterday (finally) stating I passed the exam . Pls advise if you need any further info from me.


Joelle Caver
Director, Key Account Development – USA (DAL ZV-KH)


Courtney Lomelo

My home address for rebate check is


Houston, Texas 77038

Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank you so much for your diligent work and for helping me pass the exam. You have truly made a difference in my life. Here’s my info,

Name: Marco Contreras

Address: XXXXXXX


Just you let you know that I passed my customs broker exam. Attached is the letter issued by CBP.

Expect to have my $ 50.00 dlls refund.

Thank you for this great course.

Karim Fournier

 Dear American Customs staff

It is our pleasure to inform you that the following 3 people have passed the customs broker exam.

Scott Obrien


Coral Gables, FL xxxxx

Ramiro Villamor



Miami, FL xxxx

Alris Nicasio

She will provide you her personal address on a separate email since she is not in the office today.

As per your request, the addresses are stated above so that you can mail us our $50.00 reward for passing the test.

Thank you for providing a great training tool and also your support.

Best regards,


Ramiro Villamor


Just want to communicate the good news that I have passed the customs broker test.

Do you guys know what was the passing percentage at this test?

Couldn’t have done without you!

Thank you,

Leilani Schlottfeldt

 Name: N. Kawabata

Password: XXXXXX

Description: I Passed the Exam

I cannot say enough about what an enjoyable journey this has been. The course is very well organized, presented and the instructor has the knack of explaining things in a way that it makes perfect sense. This was money very well spent. Thank you very much!

 Name: Ellen Ashbaugh
Email Address:
Project Description: Hi. I\’m a student of yours, and I passed the exam — took it for the first time, too! Thanks for such a great course, I know it made all the difference.

Anyway, I am writing about the $50 refund for those who pass the exam. Can you let me know what I need to do to receive the refund?

I took the October test and I received a letter that I  passed. I was wondering how to get the “refund” for passing the test?

Carra Krebs


 Subject: Pass

Here is my pass letter. Thanks for the update


Mark Kapostasy

 Subject: October Exam – Passed It

Password: XXXXXX

Richard Nacca


Good Afternoon,

I am notifying you I passed the exam and should be eligible for the $50 reimbursement. My information is below:

My user name: xxxx

password: XXXXX

Name: Johnson Kim
Email Address:
Project Description: This is my pleasure to let you know about my C.B.P.License Examination pass.
Thanks for your wonderful course.

 Subject: Passed the Exam

Lisa Redwolf

Password – XXXXX (i think… it’s been two months since I’ve logged in)

Mailing address is as follows:


Geneva, IL 60134

Subject: Passed the Test

Student: Iryna Comstock

Isername: XXXX



My ID # was XXXXX, and I want to let you know that I passed the Oct exam.

Ji Choi

Subject: Passed the test

I remember when I signed up the ACA would rebate $50 if I passed the test. I passed and the letter is attaché.  However, my address has changed. Please send check to:

Michael Norris



 Subject: PASS

Gema Alicia Barrus


Address: XXXXXXX, Conyers, GA 30013

 Subject: pass notification

Dear American Customs:

I passed the exam! My student number was XXXXX. I spoke to Robin in your office today and she told me to email you with the news and then you would send me the $50 check. My address is the following:

John Russell